“The ‘other’ Newton”: A Note to Don from Paul Feyerabend

A facsimile of a note to Don written by Paul Feyerabend



Dear Professor Ault — Thank you very much for your
highly informative paper on Blake.  The ‘other’
Newton has always fascinated me and it
was interesting to see what can be made of
him.  As regards incommensurability – I think
it is a barrier only for logicians.  Imaginative
people, scientists among them, can truly move
from dreamland to reality and back again.
It is amazing how afraid ‘normal’ scientists
are when approaching the barrier and how
aggressive they get when they see people who
can move around more freely.  Thanx
for the invitation but after two decades of
hopping around like mad I have had it
traveling.  Best wishes!  Paul Feyerabend